Who GIVZUH lot to charity? We Do!

GIVZUH was founded to provide a service for smaller donors to participate in crowd funding specific charitable impacts.

Many times, smaller donors see their money go to nameless, faceless initiatives when donating to causes they support. Their donation could be directed to anywhere and there is no way to know what impact it will have. GIVZUH donors are people who like to know exactly what their hard-earned money will be going to. 

GIVZUH's mission is important to charities and donors because it re-institutes the confidence of skeptical donors so that worthy charitable causes can get the essential funding they need to create waves of change.

Our founders often speak about the concept of “Enjoy Giving.” This is the concept of creating opportunities for donors to give to worthy charitable causes in enjoyable ways. 

Through our sweepstakes events, we link donors with specific charitable impacts. 100% of GIVZUH Foundation's net proceeds go to charities' specific initiatives across the nation.

GIVZUH is a professional fundraising company that helps 501(c)(3) charities raise funds in a fun way, where donors enter sweepstakes to win rare and hard to find bottles of liquor.

Bottom line, we GIVZUH Sh*t about charity!

How you can ENJOY GIVING with GIVZUH

GIVZUH creates a win-win situation for the charity organization and for people looking to support those worthy causes. Our sweepstakes raise the critical funds for charities while giving donors the opportunity to win rare and hard to find, and highly coveted bottles of liquor. By ensuring that the funds raised will go to a specific initiative, no matter the outcome of the sweepstakes, donors supported a cause they believe in. All donations through GIVZUH are tax deductible and go to great causes.

Transparency is important to us. Each sweepstakes' supported cause will be a specific charitable impact so that donors know exactly where their donation will be directed. 

You can view our past and present sweepstakes by visiting the Active Events section or the Completed Sweepstakes section of our website. 100% of net proceeds from these sweepstakes go to charity.

We hope that you'll help us GIVZUH lot to charity

All contributions made on givzuh.com are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Your donation is made to the GIVZUH Foundation to benefit the charity specified in this sweepstakes. The Edward Charles Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Tax ID# 26-4245043), is the fiscal sponsor for the GIVZUH Foundation.